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Radio Telephony Training Institute In Delhi

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Radio Telephony Training Course In Delhi

The RTR(A) or Restricted Radiotelephony (Aeronautical) license required for the use of communication equipment in an aircraft is the prerequisite for the issuance of the pilot license in many countries including India.


At WE ONE AVIATION we offer you the best Radiotelephony Preparation Classes in Delhi fully integrated with the Best DGCA Classes CPL curriculum. Our instructors will follow an extensive curriculum to prepare you for the best Radiotelephony (RT) classes in theory and speaking exam in Delhi.

The WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) wing of the Ministry of Communications, Government of India conducts this exam and issues the RT license in Delhi.

The Radio Telephony exam consists of the following two parts:

There really are very few basic requirements that you need to be able to meet to start your commercial pilot training in Delhi.

  • Part 1: Resolution of documents and communication procedures (transmission)
  • Part 2: Oral Examination (VIVA) based largely on regulation and navigation In addition to CPL holders (pilots), the RT is also mandatory for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME).

At WE ONE AVIATION, our RT - Radiotelephony Training is comprised of one-on-one calling practice, extensive document resolution (oldest to newest), comprehensive theoretical understanding, and extensive VIVA practice. The same focus is given to both parties to ensure student success. We are one of the best institute in Delhi for Radiotelephony classes.

We provide RT-Radio Telephony classes for aspiring CPL holders, AME students, as well as for Part 1 (Conversion) exams.

With our outstanding results and experienced faculty, we assure you nothing but the best for your RT - Radio Telephony preparation!

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