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Air Transport Pilots License Training Course In Delhi

Are you thinking of taking a Air Transport Pilots License Training Course In Delhi? Could it really be as hard as you think to get your commercial pilot's license? Where exactly can you study and also how much money is it supposed to cost? Am I eligible to have a commercial pilot medical license? There are so many thoughts that you will want to do before beginning your career as a Air Transport Pilots License Training Program In Delhi.


Being a commercial pilot and getting paid to fly is a fantasy for many. Not only will someone else pay for all of his flights, but he'll be challenged every step of the way. You'll have plenty of opportunities to meet interesting people as well as look at the whole world from a "bird's eye view", something most of us don't commonly experience, if at all. However, deciding to start Air Transport Pilots License Training In Delhi is a huge and very expensive exercise and cannot be done easily. In addition to the undeniable fees, you must also consider the degree of motivation required to develop and consequently maintain the skills associated with a professional pilot level. Your health and fitness may need to improve before you can maintain a Air Transport Pilots License medical certificate. We are one of the best Air Transport Pilots License Training Institute In Delhi we will discuss many of the essential issues to be aware of and provide some guidelines on how to begin fulfilling your desire for a Air Transport Pilots License career and begin your training for your commercial pilot license. We One Aviation is One of the best Air Transport Pilots License Training Institute in Delhi.

Basic Requirements For Air Transport Pilots License

There really are very few basic requirements that you need to be able to meet to start your commercial pilot training in Delhi.

  • Must have the ability to: Speak in English
  • Complete a basic medical exam before flying solo
  • Be at least sixteen years of age to fly solo.

CPL Flight Training

However, to go beyond having a Commercial / Private Pilot's License In Delhi and getting your commercial pilot's license, you will need to pass a more extensive medical exam (class 1 in many places). Don't let this prerequisite scare you off. People believe that if you have health or vision problems, this may prevent them from having a commercial pilot doctor; this concern is, in most cases, unfounded.

Many commercial pilots have some type of health problem (eg blood pressure level, cholesterol, vision correction, even missing limbs!) and may still have a commercial pilot's. It all comes down to the specific medical problem along with the commercial medical requirements of your individual country. Very often, you just have to consult a specialist and get it validated. Talk to Us (WE ONE AVIATION) own country's aviation governing body (DGCA, FAA, CAA, CASA, etc.) and ask to discuss the matter with your medical adviser. They will be able to advise you very quickly on what can and cannot be done accurately and in the correct way.

Air Transport Pilots License Training Program In Delhi

Air Transport Pilots License License Training In Delhi is one that allows a pilot to fly aircraft and be recruited by a company for the same. As with driving, the license covers all types of aircraft for which the holder is qualified e.g. multi-engine, single-engine, sea-planes, etc.

The license is issued by the governing aviation authorities once the pilot has completed his training with a qualified institute Like We One Aviation and has the necessary experience and knowledge. Most pilots get their basic training from private flying institutes; those who have started out with the armed forces get all the training and experience from there.

Certification comes in five categories. Pilot certificates include a student certificate that is issued by the aviation medical examiner. It is not mandatory to have any knowledge or experience; you must only meet the medical requirements. Then there is a sport certificate, where the applicant must have a minimum of five hours of solo flying. This is followed by a private pilot certificate, where the pilot must have thirty-five hours of flying, which includes twenty hours with an instructor and five of solo flying, some night flying, and cross-country flying; it also requires the pilot to clear an oral exam.

Air Transport Pilots License License Training In Delhi

Commercial pilots must hold a valid private pilot license. A minimum of 120 hours of training time is essential, and this must include fifty-five hours with an instructor, ten hours of solo flight, and adequate night and cross-country flying. If flying for compensation, a medical certificate is required and needs to be updated every year. An instrument rating is an added qualification that most pilots must have. This is essential for flying in bad weather conditions. At the end of the training, the pilot has to undergo an oral, written, and practical exam, which then clears him for the license.

Among commercial pilots, being an airline transport pilot is one of the best options available. Some of the requirements include 1,500 hours of flying, an minimum age of twenty-three, and a more-than-average proficiency of the English language. All licensed pilots have to undergo medical tests under an Aviation Medical Examiner and must maintain their health records.


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